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BASH! Interview 2015/10/12



Let’s see what the bright and shining BASH! have in store for us today!
We talked about their new release ‘Pop Candy’, their concept and their personal preferences, so let’s hit it~!

Interviewer: Reira




Dr Taku

Vo Ayumu

Gu Taiga

Ba Ten

Could you tell us how you joined BASH!?

Ayumu: Well, Ten and I decided to start a band and we brought the others in on the idea. We’d all had other bands originally but when they broke up, we decided to start a new band together. It seemed like a really fun idea.


What is BASH!’s concept?
Ayumu: BASH! is a really unique concept that we’ve made our own. It’s always changing though. Our concept varies depending on we want to do but I guess we want to make it a little bit like an anime. We can take you to a different world, a different time, a different place every time you listen to us.


What about the concept of your current outfits?
Ayumu: They’re the costumes for our next release ‘Pop Candy’. We’re a Kirakira band [NB: Kirakira is a style of Visual Kei that is very upbeat, sparkly and has a pop theme] so our image is bright enough to reflect that. We wanted the costumes to be fresh and pretty.
Taiga: That’s why they’re white.


What kind of themes often occur in BASH!’s songs?
Ayumu: Our theme is also kind of about the days of your youth, or your school days. We like to talk about the past and how it becomes a new age or a new era. That’s what ‘Pop Candy’ tries to express – the idea of something new forming from ages gone.


Speaking of ‘Pop Candy’, could you give us a brief explanation of the song?
Taiga: I think it’s really easy to understand, and has a melody that’s pleasant to the ear. The songs in this release really show our development as a band.
Taku: Yeah, the drums are also really easy to listen to. The name of the song is reflected in the melody since it has a very ‘pop’ feel.
Ayumu: We stuck to our concept and wanted to explore the idea of bygone times, particularly someone’s school days. We wanted to look at the emotion felt about old times. When we wrote the lyrics, we wrote them about looking back and reminiscing.


When you perform, what memories or feelings do you aim to leave with you fans? What kind of performance do you want to give every time you stand up on that stage?
Taiga: We want to give them a good place, somewhere they feel like they belong.
Taku: I want to make everyone smile with my performance. When I’m on stage, I want to see everyone smiling more than anything.
Ayumu: Definitely a place where they belong, but I also want our performance to be something like a fashion show. I want to leave them with something as impressionable as that.


So let’s talk a little bit more about yourselves. What have you become interested in recently?
Taiga: We play darts! –gestures at Ten and Taku- all three of us! We’re working at getting Ayumu to come with us –laughs-
Ayumu: It’s really hard! But I really want to give it a go! I want to get as good as them!
Taiga: We’ll practice more!
Ayumu: For me, I’ve always been really interested in cars. I was interested in cars, 1i’m still interested in cars and I want to become more interested in cars –laughs-


What does the word ‘music’ mean to you?
Ayumu: If there was no music, I would not be here. It’s the meaning of my life.
Taiga: When we perform, even if it’s just one song, we have 3-4 minutes to change lives. We can change someone’s perspective, or their lives. For me music has that very meaning – the power to change.
Taku: For me music is healing. When I play on stage, I am whole again.
Ten: They’ve said everything it means to me, but I would also add that music is really really important. It is my very life.


If you could have several wishes granted, what would you wish for?
Taku: –points at Ayumu- cars.
All: –laughter-
Ayumu: Ok, cars. And I would want to play a live at a really huge venue that we’ve filled out with our fans.
Taiga: Yeah, I’d want the same thing! But also I want immortality. I don’t want to die. I want to keep going and playing forever.
Ayumu: Oh! I want Doraemon too. Like his pocket and his door to anywhere. How useful would that be!


Where would you like to go overseas?
Ayumu: I’d go to Bali. I really want to enjoy the atmosphere there and soak up the sun.
Taiga: I’d definitely go to France. I love the French culture and France itself. I don’t know when I can go, but I really would like to go at some point.
Taku: If it wasn’t somewhere on this Earth, I’d actually really like to go to the Walking Dead world…
Ayumu: Wait, what? Do you want to die? –laughs- do you just want to fight things?!
Taku: No! I think that world is really interesting! It’s really cool! You could test your survival skills!
Ten: I want to go to America and perform there. I think New York would be a really good place to go, because of all the night-life.


Do you have a message for all your foreign fans?
Ayumu: We’re a Japanese band active inside of Japan and so our melodies can be a little more Japanese-style. It’s very different from those melodies in the West, I think, so if you could come to like our style even just a little bit, I’d be very happy. If people start to like the Japanese style of melody, then we can spread music wider and faster. Please listen to our music loads!
Taiga: If you get the chance, please come and see us live.
Ten: We understand you’re very distant from Japan but music knows no boundaries and can reach you. Please listen to our music!
Taku: Please come and see us live! Let’s spread BASH! together!

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BASH! Presents 4th Single Kusaregedo Release Tour!


All photos by Kerberos Oniisan! #ケルベロスお兄さん

Today was BASH!’s live in Nagoya Holiday NEXT!  

The doors swung open at 4pm, ready for a guest list of 7 bands, headed by Kerberos’ BASH! 

Kicking off the night was ARREST! Kerberos’ Oniisan caught them just before they started; the band to drive the crowds to excitement and set the tone for the rest of the night!

  ARREST #ケルベロスお兄さん
Second was グリザイユ (Gurizaiyu) playing in their hometown Nagoya!   グリザイユ #ケルベロスお兄さん
Third for the night was スゥイートxホォム (Sweet Home)! The new Kerberos band doing a live with all their sempai was a sight to see!  スゥイートxホォム #ケルベロスお兄さん
Fourth up – ENVIOUS! It’s been a while since they last played Nagoya!

 ENVIOUS #ケルベロスお兄さん
Then we were on the fifth band! UnRealistic! 

Recently they’ve been giving lives their all and have produced amazing things! UnRealistic #ケルベロスお兄さん
Sixth was 麗麗!(Rei Rei)

They have great chemistry and balance as a band!

 麗麗 #ケルベロスお兄さん

And, of course, last but not least, BASH!!

Build up the tension, bring down the roof! 

Congratulations on the release of your fourth single Kesaregedo! (*^^*)


A night to remember! 

BASH! Presents 4th single Kesaregedo Release Tour!




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First Generation Kerberos Band

Started activities on 2014/01/17




Name: Ayumu 歩

Position: Vocal

Birth Date : 4/5
Cigarettes: NO SMOKING
BRAND : Louis Vuitton
Twitter : @BASH_AYUMU

Name: Taiga

Position: Guitar


Birth Date : 3/10
Cigarettes : KOOL BOOST 08MG
BRAND : Royal Order
Twitter : @BASH_TAIGA

Name: Ten てん

Position: Bass

Birth Date : 12/28
Cigarettes : no smoking
PERFUME : Doesn’t use it
Twitter : @BASH_TEN

Name:Taku 拓

Position: Drums

Birth Date : 4/22
Cigarettes: LARK SUPER LIGHTS 100’s
PERFUME : Nikos Sculpture Homme Eau de Toilette
BRAND : DIESEL、Vivienne Westwood
Twitter : @BASH_TAKU





4th Single / クサレゲドウ TYPE B  (Kusaregedo)
Number: BASH-004B
Price: 1,620 JPY (with tax )
Release Date: 2015/07/29
1.クサレゲドウ (Kusaregedo)
3.君の居場所 (Kimi no Ibasho)

4th Single / クサレゲドウ TYPE A (Kusaregedo)
Number: BASH-004A
Price: 1,944 JPY (With tax)
Release Date: 2015/07/29
1.クサレゲドウ (Kusaregedo)
DVD-クサレゲドウMV (DVD Kusaregedo MV)

3rd Single / 不埒華 (Furachi Hana)
Number: BASH-003
Price: 1,350 JPY (With tax)
Release Date: 2015/01/07
01. 不埒華 (Furachi Hana)
02. 禁断トリガー (Kindan Trigger)

2nd Single / LIV
Number: BASH-002
Price: 1,350 JPY (With tax)
Release Date: 2014/10/01
01. LIV -SE-
03.1st berry

1st Single / START
Number: BASH-001
Price: 1,620 JPY (With tax)
Release Date: 2014/07/30
 02.未来列車 (Mirai Reisha)

Videos and Music Clips