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AWAKE Interview 2015/10


Interviewer: Reira




Vo. Eru

Dr. Yuuki

Ba. Yahiro

Gu. Yukio

Gu. Naoto

Fast-friends AWAKE are just about to make a leap into the world of major bands in their own new adventure. Let’s see what their thoughts are on their first steps towards the future and just how much of their hearts they included in their final Indies Single ‘adventure 0’!

How did you come to start AWAKE?
Yukio: We had all done session bands together and were really good friends before we decided to make AWAKE. At first, it was me, Yuuki, Naoto, and eventually Eru that decided to form a band.
Eru: We’d all been in different bands that began to split up and move on. We had already been really good friends for nearly two years so we thought that it would be amazing if we could get together and make music. That friendship is important to us.


And Yahiro joined later?
Yahiro: I joined them about two years after their formation when their previous bassist unfortunately left. I played support for them for a while and eventually they invited me to stay with them as permanent member.


What is AWAKE’s concept?
Yuuki: I’ve always loved Harajuku’s image and that’s what I imagine most of the time I’m making AWAKE’s songs. I think it’s plain simple fun.
Naoto: We’re Gira-Gira Kei. Kira-Kira went through a stage a few years back where it spread really rapidly and we took the idea of Kira-Kira and made it our own.
Yuuki: It became something burning, and that something burns brightly.
Naoto: Our music is fairly varied though. We thought that if new genres appeared then Visual Kei would be able to spread as a genre and not die out.
Eru: To me, our concept is ‘Non-fiction’. This is not a made-up story, and we don’t force our emotions. What you see is real, our own story.


What kind of themes often appear in AWAKE’s songs and where do you draw inspiration from?
Yuuki: Usually our themes are just what we are feeling at the time or what we want to convey in that moment. We usually just make what we want to make and don’t particularly stick to any one theme. We’re kind of our own biggest fans so sometimes we just make what we think a fan would enjoy –laughs- We also really love songs aimed at making lives fun for all the people watching us. But, whatever we decide to do, we make sure that it is very much of AWAKE’s essence. We do what we can do, and we do what we want to do at the time.
I take a lot of inspiration from Harajuku but also from imagining what it would be like to play the song I’m working on at a major venue like Tokyo Dome.
Eru: When I’m writing lyrics, I’ll have moments where inspiration will just hit me out of the blue in a sudden wave and I’ll have to write it down. But there are also times when I go months without being able to think up a single lyric. Our songs can really take me anywhere from 3 days to a whole month to write, depending on how much inspiration hits me. Being around things that I love, or when I’m doing things I enjoy, is usually when I get it. I get a lot of inspiration from talking to Yuuki about the songs too, and quite frequently if I’m out walking. I’ll have to stop and take notes immediately. I’ll also get a lot  from films because they’re so visual and sometimes if I go for a drive. I used to stay in way too much, so recently I’ve been roaming more and have wanted to go to festivals and events to see if that helps. Oh! I also get a lot of inspiration if I’m out having fun with the members like at an amusement park or something! -laughs-


What song would you want people to listen to out of AWAKE’s repertoire?
Yuuki: -laughs- all of them? Oh… this is a really hard question…
Yukio: This is really difficult! –laughs- I would say ‘all of them’ too, but if I had to choose I would go for our new song ‘Story 0 ‘ on our last Indies Single ‘adventure 0 ‘.
Yahiro: All of them? Or… well actually I really like the song ‘Bye x Bye’. I may have, kind of, cried a little when we’ve performed it before.
All: -laughs-
Yahiro: But it’s a good song…!!
All: -laughs harder-
Naoto: Such a fan~ I would say that I would like everyone to listen to Gyara-Gyara Communication. We made this song at the time of our formation and for me, when I listen to it, it makes me think ‘yes. This is AWAKE’. I also think that even if someone who doesn’t know us were to listen to this song, they’d get an inkling of what we are about and feel really involved in our music.


Every time you stand on stage, what performance do you want to give? What kind of emotion do you try to convey?
Naoto: A hot live, passionate. One that gets everyone moving. In my heart, it’s that energy and that vibrancy that is the core of AWAKE.
Yukio: I never really think about what performance I’m going to give. I just…
Naoto: Just do what is natural.
Yukio: Yeah, it really depends on the day and how I’m feeling. At a live, I don’t have to worry aimlessly about the future, so I just lose myself in the moment and do.
Yahiro: Me too. I just do whatever feels right. At a live, you can forget all the bad things in life and all the suffering or stress you’re going through and just enjoy the music.
Yuuki: I think we all just perform how we want to every time, but we make sure that it’s the best experience possible and that everyone is happy. Our songs are a way of living and an expression of ourselves. We want to make it passionate, and show how we really feel. They’re our own story, and they help us to progress on to the future. ‘I want to live’. And that is the message every single song of ours says.
Eru: There is no thinking, it’s all in the moment. It’s from the heart with no lies. When I sing, I’m giving you a little piece of my heart.




On 16th September, your last Indies Single ‘adventure 0′ was released. It’s your final Indies single, so it must be precious to you all. What does this single mean to you? When you listen to it, what kind of scene do you imagine?
Naoto: ‘Story 0′ has the meaning of ‘let’s begin’. Lots and lots of different things happen in life, and things change for better or worse, but we just wanted to reassure everyone that we are going to keep on trying our hardest as AWAKE. We’re gonna burn bright, and we wanted to convey all our passion as a message in this single. From here on, our life begins.
As for the themes we included in this single, other than our passion, we just wanted to tell people to achieve their dreams, to go for it. Recently there have been a lot of bands splitting up and we want to reassure people that we want to avoid that. We put our hearts into this song.
Yukio: If you have a goal, something that you desperately want to achieve, you keep on plowing forwards towards it, but, inevitably there will come a time when you will hit a wall. Maybe several walls. When you hit them, you have to pause for a moment and sometimes you can’t continue. You have to wait and think ‘how can I overcome this?’ And when you reach a wall, it is very difficult to do anything by yourself. When I think about this song, it gives a way of recovery, and I can pick myself up and continue moving forward.
Eru: This single…it’s the dawn of our major debut. It involves a change of company, a change of scenery, it’s all a little unstable. But this single is a letter to those who waited for us. We addressed it to them about what we want to achieve. It took me only three days to write these lyrics because I was so inspired to say everything that I hadn’t said out loud until now. Even though I was the one who wrote this song, I still cry when I listen to it. -wry laughter-
And who wrote the melody?
Yuuki: I did. I write all of AWAKE’s songs. Then Eru usually puts the lyrics to them.


So, speaking honestly, what are you feeling about this move to being major?
Naoto: Oh, I’m really excited. I can’t wait to make music!
Yukio: I’m really looking forward to it. It’ll be fun! But… I really can’t imagine it right now. A major move is something that is there but not really touched in Visual Kei. I really want to start it quickly!
Yahiro: We will keep on walking and we will play Tokyo Dome.
Yuuki: We want to play Tokyo Dome. We want to try hard and travel the world, so we will try our best to achieve that.
Eru: I really want people to listen to us. If you’re having a hard time, whatever your job or status, let’s try hard together to overcome it

all. Even if you don’t particularly like our music, at least know that we are there for you.
Yuuki: Our last single is only really available in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka stores, as well as being sold at our goods tables at lives, but if you can somehow get hold of it and listen to it for us, we would be really happy. We’d like to spread further afield. We also have our ‘Best of’ Album, and you can hear some of the songs on YouTube. You probably won’t like all of them, and that’s understandable, but we would be really, really happy if you could come to like some even a little bit.


Thank-you. I can see that it has been quite an eventful time for you. Let’s take some time out and talk a little about yourselves.
What have you become interested in recently?
Yukio: I’ve become interested in quite a lot recently, but I’d have to say that I really like Belgian beer. I drink it a lot and have a ton of recommendations. It’s really, really delicious. Usually foreign alcohol is. I would recommend that you go and try some!
Yahiro: I really don’t know… probably…wearing hats. -laughter- -English- hats.
Yuuki: Oh… I have no idea… nothing? I really don’t know… I can’t think of anything…
Yahiro: Apps.
All: -laughter-
Yuuki: No…
Yahiro: Furi! [NB: ‘Furi’ is the semi-choreographed hand and body movements fans do at lives to the band’s songs]
All: -laughter-
Yuuki: That was way before! Ah… I don’t know… I guess it’s not recent but… Naoto.
All: -bursts into laughter-
Naoto: He cares about me. -laughs-
All: -laughter-
Naoto: Curry. There’s a place called Coco Ichi Curry House that is really good! It’s really good! I think that I go there at least 3 or 4 times a week. The cheese-in-hamburg dish is really, really delicious. If you ever come to Japan, please try it! You won’t regret it! [NB: Cheese-in-hamburg is a hamburger-like patty filled with melted cheese]
Eru: I’ve got back into going to lives as a fan. I’m not allowed to go to Indies lives but I adore VAMPS. Actually I just got back from their Halloween Party in Kobe and really wanted to stay for the rest of their performances… I really want to go and see more live music as a fan…
I’ve also been into running for about a year. If it isn’t raining I’ll always go out for a few hours because I really love that feeling you get when you go running.


What does the word ‘music’ mean to you?
Yukio: -instantly- If it was taken from me I would die.
All: -surprised laughter-
Yukio: That would be it. The end. No more.
Naoto: -laughs- Everything would be pointless.
Yukio: Music is like water. I need it to survive.
Yahiro: Music is my body, my blood. It’s me.
Yuuki: It consumes me, in the best possible way. It’s always been there for me since I was at a young age.
Naoto: It’s something that I won’t ever get bored of. Something I can’t get bored of.
Eru: It is all that it is now. I want to keep going on in this way without music wilting or dying within me. If I can live like that… then I am content.


What has been a very important memory for you since you joined AWAKE?
Yukio: Every single live is important to me.
Naoto: It would have to be the live at Alta-mae where we announced our major debut. That was unforgettable.
Eru: All my memories with AWAKE are important to me, and there are too many too choose from… I probably can’t recall even half of them. But actually, some of my most important memories are when we all rally together to help each other out if we’re troubled. There was a time when it snowed so much, I couldn’t get to Osaka but everyone helped me to figure out a way.
Oh! And every time we get together and celebrate a birthday! That always remains with me! We always throw great parties!
Yuuki: Oh, there are so many good memories. Before our formation, we used to go to Harajuku every day and just hang out, eat, see the sights. For me, other than lives, just spending every day with the members hanging out is a wonderful memory for me. Wherever, whenever. I just really enjoy spending time with them. From now on, I want to live more and experience more with them.


If you became another member for a day, who would you be and why?
All: -laughs-
Yuuki: Absolutely no-one! –laughs-
Naoto: I’d be Eru because he is really amazing. I can’t explain it well enough, but he’s just amazing.
Yuuki: I really don’t want to be anyone else! –laughs- if it were 2 weeks, I could fix some of their flaws, but that’s impossible to do in just one day! –laughs- I’d have to like… make them learn more formal Japanese or something… I don’t know… I guess if I had to choose, I’d choose Eru too.
Yahiro: No-one. I couldn’t do it. –laughs-
Yuuki: One day is impossible, right?!
Yukio: If we were abroad for a live, and I would definitely just want to me myself. I want that experience to be mine.
Eru: I’d be Yahiro. He’s pretty cool, and elite. He was the only one of us who was a university student. Oh. And he’s cute!


Where would you like to go abroad?
Yuuki: I want to go anywhere in Europe. I would travel all over, but I’d particularly like to go to Germany. It has a really new atmosphere to it. I’ve only seen it in textbooks and in photos though, so I want to experience that for myself.
Yukio: I’d totally go to America for the food. I want to buy everything. And I want to go to a proper American steak house and eat steak because they’re so huge.
Yuuki: I want to go to an American McDonald’s. –laughs-
Yukio: The portions are huge! I want to see that! And eat it!
Yahiro: I want to go to South America. I want to see the Bolivian salt lakes!
Yuuki: I also want to go anywhere with an ocean. I love seeing the sea.
Naoto: I want to go to London! It so fashionable and the buildings are really beautiful.
Eru: I want to go everywhere. I want to travel the world. Brazil, America, France, Canada… I want to see it all. My parents actually really love Canada and have been there a lot, so I’m really interested in going there myself. I’ve been abroad a few times, but I usually stay in Japan, and when I do go abroad it’s with my family and not the band. I really want to see the world with these guys. I’d like to see the whole of America. Especially Las Vegas and Times Square in New York. I also love places that have a lot of nature, like Australia.


Finally, do you have a message for all your foreign fans?
Yukio: If you get the chance, please come and meet us! We’ll be waiting and we’ll give you a huge welcome!
Yahiro: Even though we’re so far apart, music is something you can hear and listen to in any country. If you can, please try and listen to our music!
Yuuki: I think that AWAKE is a very rare band. We’re kinda different from a lot of bands. If you can come and see us at least once and listen to some of our songs live, you’ll really be able to see what we’re about… I think that’s a good thing.
Naoto: I know that there is usually a language barrier between us, but I think that if we work together, we can smash that wall and just have a fun concert together! If you a can, please come to Japan, eat curry and see AWAKE!
Eru: I really want to come and meet you, so please wait for me~! We have a lot of foreign fans, I think, especially in places like Australia and England. When we see them here in Japan, we’re always so happy, and it’s so lonely when they have to return home… please come and see us again!


Last Indies Single

[adventure 0]


2015.09.16 Release
AWK-666 ¥1080-

[2 songs]
1.Story 0


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BASH! Interview 2015/10/12



Let’s see what the bright and shining BASH! have in store for us today!
We talked about their new release ‘Pop Candy’, their concept and their personal preferences, so let’s hit it~!

Interviewer: Reira



Dr Taku

Vo Ayumu

Gu Taiga

Ba Ten

Could you tell us how you joined BASH!?

Ayumu: Well, Ten and I decided to start a band and we brought the others in on the idea. We’d all had other bands originally but when they broke up, we decided to start a new band together. It seemed like a really fun idea.


What is BASH!’s concept?
Ayumu: BASH! is a really unique concept that we’ve made our own. It’s always changing though. Our concept varies depending on we want to do but I guess we want to make it a little bit like an anime. We can take you to a different world, a different time, a different place every time you listen to us.


What about the concept of your current outfits?
Ayumu: They’re the costumes for our next release ‘Pop Candy’. We’re a Kirakira band [NB: Kirakira is a style of Visual Kei that is very upbeat, sparkly and has a pop theme] so our image is bright enough to reflect that. We wanted the costumes to be fresh and pretty.
Taiga: That’s why they’re white.


What kind of themes often occur in BASH!’s songs?
Ayumu: Our theme is also kind of about the days of your youth, or your school days. We like to talk about the past and how it becomes a new age or a new era. That’s what ‘Pop Candy’ tries to express – the idea of something new forming from ages gone.


Speaking of ‘Pop Candy’, could you give us a brief explanation of the song?
Taiga: I think it’s really easy to understand, and has a melody that’s pleasant to the ear. The songs in this release really show our development as a band.
Taku: Yeah, the drums are also really easy to listen to. The name of the song is reflected in the melody since it has a very ‘pop’ feel.
Ayumu: We stuck to our concept and wanted to explore the idea of bygone times, particularly someone’s school days. We wanted to look at the emotion felt about old times. When we wrote the lyrics, we wrote them about looking back and reminiscing.


When you perform, what memories or feelings do you aim to leave with you fans? What kind of performance do you want to give every time you stand up on that stage?
Taiga: We want to give them a good place, somewhere they feel like they belong.
Taku: I want to make everyone smile with my performance. When I’m on stage, I want to see everyone smiling more than anything.
Ayumu: Definitely a place where they belong, but I also want our performance to be something like a fashion show. I want to leave them with something as impressionable as that.


So let’s talk a little bit more about yourselves. What have you become interested in recently?
Taiga: We play darts! –gestures at Ten and Taku- all three of us! We’re working at getting Ayumu to come with us –laughs-
Ayumu: It’s really hard! But I really want to give it a go! I want to get as good as them!
Taiga: We’ll practice more!
Ayumu: For me, I’ve always been really interested in cars. I was interested in cars, 1i’m still interested in cars and I want to become more interested in cars –laughs-


What does the word ‘music’ mean to you?
Ayumu: If there was no music, I would not be here. It’s the meaning of my life.
Taiga: When we perform, even if it’s just one song, we have 3-4 minutes to change lives. We can change someone’s perspective, or their lives. For me music has that very meaning – the power to change.
Taku: For me music is healing. When I play on stage, I am whole again.
Ten: They’ve said everything it means to me, but I would also add that music is really really important. It is my very life.


If you could have several wishes granted, what would you wish for?
Taku: –points at Ayumu- cars.
All: –laughter-
Ayumu: Ok, cars. And I would want to play a live at a really huge venue that we’ve filled out with our fans.
Taiga: Yeah, I’d want the same thing! But also I want immortality. I don’t want to die. I want to keep going and playing forever.
Ayumu: Oh! I want Doraemon too. Like his pocket and his door to anywhere. How useful would that be!


Where would you like to go overseas?
Ayumu: I’d go to Bali. I really want to enjoy the atmosphere there and soak up the sun.
Taiga: I’d definitely go to France. I love the French culture and France itself. I don’t know when I can go, but I really would like to go at some point.
Taku: If it wasn’t somewhere on this Earth, I’d actually really like to go to the Walking Dead world…
Ayumu: Wait, what? Do you want to die? –laughs- do you just want to fight things?!
Taku: No! I think that world is really interesting! It’s really cool! You could test your survival skills!
Ten: I want to go to America and perform there. I think New York would be a really good place to go, because of all the night-life.


Do you have a message for all your foreign fans?
Ayumu: We’re a Japanese band active inside of Japan and so our melodies can be a little more Japanese-style. It’s very different from those melodies in the West, I think, so if you could come to like our style even just a little bit, I’d be very happy. If people start to like the Japanese style of melody, then we can spread music wider and faster. Please listen to our music loads!
Taiga: If you get the chance, please come and see us live.
Ten: We understand you’re very distant from Japan but music knows no boundaries and can reach you. Please listen to our music!
Taku: Please come and see us live! Let’s spread BASH! together!

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ViV Interview 2015/10/12


2015/ 10/12

Shinjuku K4

“Micha dame, mada dame, mou ii yo” Sponsored Event

Interviewer: Reira




Gu: Wataru

Ba: RayJi

Dr: Sayuki

The ‘New Genre’ of Visual Kei, ViV, invited us to send a MESSAGE to their foreign fans at the opening of their event tour ‘Micha dame, mada dame, mou ii yo’ held at Shinjuku Ruido K4 on 12th October 2015.

Could you tell me about ViV’s concept?


Wataru: ViV’s concept is ‘abare-utamono’. [NB: ‘abare’ is a style of Visual Kei where fans move a lot during the set, moshing or doing a series of hand movements known as ‘furi’. ‘uta-mono’ is another style of Visual Kei where emphasis is placed on the melody and lyrics of songs rather than the scope for energetic furi.] Sometimes when bands are all about the ‘abare’ movement, the melody kind of disappears and we didn’t want that to happen so we also make the melody really important. We make it so that you properly have to move, using body and head, from start to finish, yet there is still a proper melody running through the song.


What was the origin for the name ‘ViV’?


Wataru: It comes from the English word ‘Vivacious’, and from the Italian musical term ‘Vivace’. [NB: a lively genre of music] Both terms start with ‘Viv’ so we took that concept and made it our name because when you listen to our bright songs, we want that bright feeling to accompany it as well.


How did you come to join ViV?


HIROHIRO: Well, my previous band finished and so did RayJi’s, so at that’s how we met, and then RayJi brought Wataru in. Then, we previously had a different drummer but when he quit, we invited Sayuki to join us.


When you make your songs, what kind of themes or feelings do you aim to include?


Wataru: Well, it differs on the song but recently our songs have become quite heart-rending. If you look at our set-lists you can see that we have those kind of songs a lot recently and within those songs we can include a lot of different emotions. We also look on the fans as a source of information and try to make songs that express what they feel and make them move. So with this ‘abare-utamono’ concept, we can’t stick to just one theme and have a lot of different ideas. So depending on the mood at the time and our changing view on the world, the songs themselves change.


Do you make the lyrics or melody first?


Wataru: Usually we start with the melody, but there are also times we start with the lyrics. We place priority on the melody so usually the melody produces lyrics that fit, but sometimes we have lyrics that call up a certain melody.


What song do you want everyone to go and listen to?


HIROHIRO: In ViV’s songs, I want everyone to go and listen to ‘MESSAGE’. It’s our first dialogue with fans where we say ‘Micha dame, mada dame’ and the fans say ‘mou ii yo’. [‘don’t look, you still can’t look’ ‘enough already!’], so it has a very new feel to it.  We want to expand our world, so I want people to listen to it.


RayJi: ‘Barenai you ni Kiss shite’ [‘So we’re not discovered, kiss me’]. It’s got great bass within it and a great amount of tension to it. Together we the fans we can make a clamour and enjoy it as one. Please listen to it!

Sayuki: I also really like ‘Barenai you ni Kiss shite’ because I think it resounds a lot within the band-girl community and because we can really enjoy it together.

RayJi: I really do love that song.

HIROHIRO: Because of the bass?

Rayji: It’s actually quite hard!


Wataru: We have a very wide range of music and views on music, so from ballad to ‘abare’ music, but if it’s ballad music you like, I would recommend our 2nd single ‘Destiny’. If you listen to that, I think you can really understand ViV’s more ephemeral side, and I also want you to also listen to that more heart-broken side of us.


On 7th October you released a new single called ‘MESSAGE’. Could you give us a brief explanation of the songs?


HIROHIRO: Well, for the lyrics, Wataru wrote them and they became very busy songs. Even if you’re seeing ViV for the first time, I think you can really move to them.


Wataru: Personally for me, when I was writing the lyrics for MESSAGE, I had something I wanted to convey to fans. If you have something you want to change, you can do it gradually under your own power, but I didn’t write it as literally or straight as that. If you just look at the lyrics once, you wonder what kind of lyrics they are. For example, I wrote the lyrics ‘micha dame, mada dame, mou ii yo’ and when you look at them you go ‘huh? This isn’t a love song?’ so what on earth is this? So you have to think about it by yourself and pull what you want or feel from it. And that is exactly the kind of message I wanted to convey.


Thank-you very much. So let’s talk a little more about yourselves.

What have you become interested in recently?


Sayuki: Me first! As we head towards ViV’s big oneman live on 20th February 2016, I’ve started to do a twit-cast  live stream every day. So I guess I’ve become interested in that. I can speak with the fan’s every day and get closer to them.


RayJi: Recently I’ve been studying English and I use Instagram to help. On Instagram I’m trying hard to write all of my posts in English. I want to be able to expand my view of the world.

Wataru: And now say it all in English. Or say something in English.

RayJi: Uh… please follow me?

Wataru: That was Japanese! –laughter-


HIROHIRO: I’ve been posting cover videos of various artists on Twitter so, please, if you have the chance, come and watch me.


Wataru: This is an internet article right? For foreign fans? Well, if that’s the case, please, if you come to Japan, try IEKEI Ramen. There’s Tonkotsu-soup Ramen [NB: pork-bone broth ramen] and really delicious futomen noodles [NB: fat noodles]. It’s really the most delicious ramen in Japan. So if you come to Japan, please try and eat IEKEI Ramen. I recommend it.


What does the word ‘music’ mean to you?

Sayuki: Exactly the way it is written in kanji – ‘sound’ and ‘fun’. It’s making dreams real. Right now we can get CDs from the web or download music, but music is a concert thing. Fans and the band enjoy music together. So that’s what ‘music’ means to me.


Wataru: Music is a temporal art form. There’s a word in English –‘time-out’. In times where there weren’t CDs or downloads, there was only the expression of music through performance. Then as a performer if we decide to give 100% on stage, a lot of the time it looks like only 80% to the audience. So if we give 120%, the audience see it as a full 100%. And if we give them that full 100%, then they can really move and create a prefect live atmosphere and enjoy it as much as possible. You can probably enjoy CDs alone but we’re a live band so when you hear us in the flesh, you can really feel our way of life through the music we play. And that is what ‘music’ means to me.


HIROHIRO: Well, mine’s a little simpler but it’s a collection of hopes, dreams, myself and reality.


RayJi: I really like this word – a four compound kanji. Kenzen Ichijo. [NB: the idea of the fusion of the heart and practice to make perfection or enlightenment in swordplay] It was a way of life by Miyamoto Musashi. He was a swordsman but music carries the same kind of concepts. You have to practice the sounds as well as expressing your own self. Just one or the other is not good enough. Sound is something that is always around you and always being addressed. It’s in the plants, the earth, the sky, it’s everything the world is. Whether you lend you ear to that or not is very momentous. Sound, and music, is something that always exists alongside us.


All members: –laughter- that was deep!


Do you have anywhere you want to go overseas?


HIROHIRO: I’d like to go to England. Maybe London. And I want to  go to Singapore! Really, really want to go to Singapore. Definitely really want to go to Singapore because there are fans waiting for us!


Sayuki: I want to go to the Amazon. It’s not really a safe place so I want to go.


HIROHIRO: What? Then why would you go?


Sayuki: To see if I could survive.


HIROHIRO: Surely you can’t.


Sayuki: Well, actually, recently I’ve been into looking at survival things. Right now humans are really used to getting water and things really easily, but you can’t do that in the Amazon. There aren’t any umbrellas either so you have to protect yourself from the rain. I want to try going there once and experience that. What would I be like when I returned?


Wataru: You’re very cautious with your skin care regime, but you’ll fry to a crisp in the sun!


All: –laughter-


RayJi: I have loads of places I want to go. I want to see the world. I want to visit all of America’s states and go to Thailand, and Cambodia. I also want to go to the whole of Europe. But I still want to be in Japan. Yet I want to widen my world view, and show people my world, which is why I started Instagram. Even though I only have 66 followers.

Wataru: 66! –laughs- Out of all the people in Japan.


RayJi: I’d like it if people saw and wanted to come to Japan because of it. I really want to see the world though, especially Europe. The structures there are really cool. I want to play bass there. Maybe in England.


Wataru: I love the sky, and the stars. I love blue skies and bright weather but I really want to see the Aurora. It’s one of my dreams because I think that if I could see it before my eyes, it would open up my mind. No, really, I’m very moved by watching the stars and the sky. There was one specific time where I was really blown away. It was after a typhoon and the clouds had parted in the really crimson sky. And in this diamond-shaped opening, there was like a form like a dragon rushing across the sky. When I saw it I thought ‘woah! What the heck is that?!’. I’m really moved by things that happen in a single moment like that. So something like the Aurora is really special. It’s like being at a live, it’s the feeling and creation of something within that single second. I really want to experience seeing the Aurora just for that very feeling.


If you became a super hero, what power would you want?


Sayuki: I want to be able to get rid of poverty. The power to help the poor.

HIROHIRO: What? How? Like produce money from your hands and throw it at them?

Sayuki: Whatever works. Just anything to help them. If I could get rid of poverty, wouldn’t that be a good thing?


Wataru: I guess I’d be a hero that could save the world. For example, if a meteor was threatening the earth, I would jump for it and BAM! Save everyone. I would just patrol the earth, looking to save people. I think that would be amazing.


HIROHIRO: I want to become God.

All: –laughter – God?

HIROHIRO: I want to be able to decide how everything pans out.

Wataru: Like if you wanted to spill someone’s miso soup, you could spill it.

All: –laughter –


RayJi: I would become a really really tiny microorganism.

Wataru: Is that a power?

RayJi: Yeah, because I could go into the mouths of bad people and cause them to have a really bad cold.

Wataru: You’re so easy to please –laughs-

RayJi: But if I could do that… it’d be great. But! I love Doraemon so I also want his pocket. [NB: The character Doraemon can produce any number of useful items from his pocket].

Sayuki: A pocket like that would make people lazy.

RayJi: I only said it because I didn’t want to aim as high as God. Compared to that, I don’t think I’m being unreasonable.


Do you have a message for all your foreign fans?

Wataru: At the moment we live in an internet society, so it’s easy to touch many people. Most of the time we probably reach people entirely by accident but because we’re trying so hard to circulate our music online and keep a presence there, if you’re able to see any of it, I’m really happy. Until you can come meet us, as long as you listen to our songs and enjoy us, then I’m content. We really want to go abroad but we are a Japanese band. So if you ever get the chance to come and see us, I would be ecstatic.


HIROHIRO: Call us. Let us come abroad. I want to come abroad and see you, but, obviously, if you get the chance to come to Japan, I want you to see us. We want to come and see you but before we can do that, we need someone to call us to their country.


RayJi: Music has no borders. I don’t really even care if there are borders. If we have music, you’re always next to me in my heart. ‘Please wait’ is written there.


Sayuki: Visual Kei is part of Japanese culture. There’s lots of facets to Japanese culture, like anime, but the Visual Kei that people abroad think of is actually gradually changing. We’re not an old band, but even now Visual Kei is moving to a different place. So… please come with us. I think that you could call ViV a new genre of Visual Kei, and we want you to experience that change alongside us.





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Purple Stone Interview 2015/10/12

Purple Stone

12th October 2015

Interviewer: Reira




Having come from a mainstream background, Purple Stone took Osaka by storm, aiming to heal the soul with their wide range of music from electro-rock to passionate ballads.

With a new release due in December 2015, let’s see what they have in store for us.



Ba. Fuma

Vo. Keiya

Gu. Gak


So could you tell us how you came to join Purple Stone?

Keiya: Before Visual Kei, we were in a mainstream band. After that band, we stayed together and thought about trying Visual Kei. Actually, Gak had the idea at first because he knew about the Visual Kei music scene, and we all developed an interest in it. We thought about it for a while and decided it would be amazing for us if we could give it a go.

What is Purple Stone’s concept?

Gak: It’s all about the music and we especially think that the melody is the most important aspect. We really put a lot of emphasis into the construction of our songs when we make our arrangements. So I guess you could say that that’s our concept – we’re all about music as a whole.

What’s the origin for the name ‘Purple Stone’?

Keiya: Well, ‘purple stone’ literally comes from ‘amethyst’. Long ago, amethysts were considered to be a protective stone and were said to take bad spots of energy and turn it into positive energy. For us, during a live, we want our songs to do the same thing. Certainly everyone is living their own lives and has their own moments of stress or worry, but at a live you can forget all those worries and just enjoy the music together. We want to take negative energy and turn it into positive energy through our performance. So that’s how we came up with the name ‘Purple Stone’.

What kind of themes appear often in Purple Stone’s songs?

Fuma: Our themes change a lot depending on how we feel at the time. We have sad songs, and we have songs that tell stories, but we do also try to think a lot about how all the songs will interact together at a live performance. We want to give a perfect set list so recently we’ve been thinking a lot about making songs that are simply fun to enjoy during a live concert. We’re currently working on increasing the number of songs that we have that can do that.

Where do you get your inspiration from when you’re making songs?

Keiya: We often make our songs together but…

Gak: It differs depending on the song.

Keiya: Yeah… we have lots of different areas of inspiration. Gak is usually the main source though.

Gak: I often take unheard of songs or songs I make myself and change them within me to produce new sounds and new music. What about you, Keiya?

Keiya:  Ah, for me it’s usually during my daily life that things come to me, most often when I’m relaxing. I like to record during those times, or write down my ideas.

Fuma: Sometimes I’ll just sit down and BAM!! I’ll record something. But actually a lot of the time ideas come to me when I’m in the bath, particularly melodies. Then we get together and make the songs. To be honest, I’m more likely to have something come to me when I relax, though.

What song would you want people to listen to within Purple Stone’s repertoire?

Keiya: We have the announcement of our new single today so I would like everyone to hear that new release. It’s coming out on 9th December 2015 and I think we’ve really put a different aspect of Purple Stone into that song. I really like the song that comes with it too, so I’d really like people to listen to it for me. But if you’re talking about the songs we have out now, I really like ‘Amazuppai Mango’.

Gak: For me, I really like our 3rd single as well; but, within our current songs, I really like the song ‘Blame’. We always play it at lives and I think it really helps our fans become one with us and our music.

Fuma: They’ve kind of said all of the songs I personally really like, but I also really enjoy our first live-house single ‘Scar’. When we play it live, everyone really gets into it with the head-banging, so I would really like people to come and experience that for real.

What kind of genre would you like try?

 Keiya: I really want to try something acoustic. We’ve never really done it, so it would be something different.

Gak: I really want to try and mix our band sound with hip-hop music. I really want to make something as unique as that.

Fuma: I also want to try something acoustic because we have so many more intense, upbeat songs. I’d also really like to try a ballad within the genre of J-Pop. I think that Keiya’s voice would lend itself very well to that kind of music, so I want to give it a go.

So let’s talk a little more about yourselves. What have you become interested in recently?

Gak: I haven’t really told the members this but…

Fuma: What? What have you done?

Gak: It’s really recent but I’ve taken up jogging.

Fuma: Wait, really? –laughs-

Gak: Yeah, in the middle of the night. Midnight jogging.

Keiya: Recently, I’ve really come to like Shojo Manga. Quite a lot of it.

Fuma: I’ve become obsessed with brown rice before it’s been processed. –laughs- It’s really, really good for your health.

What does the word ‘music’ mean to you?

Fuma: Music itself isn’t really living or not living, but it is the meaning of my life. –laughs- short but sweet.

Gak: To me it’s something people can share. –switches to English- share.

Fuma: -in English- yeah, share.

Keiya: It’s my whole self and my soul. It’s my chosen road.

Gak: Like Tao?

Keiya: Yeah, tao.

Gak: -english- the endless road.

All: -laughter-

If you were taken to a deserted island, what three things would you take with you?

Fuma: Only three?! Huh… And no-one lives there? A knife. A water bottle, because you need one of those… and… -english- cat.  [NB: Fuma owns a cat called Dora]

Gak: I’d take water.

Fuma: What?! Why? Couldn’t you find it?

Gak: I have absolutely zero confidence that I could find it myself, so I’d take water. And an acoustic guitar.

Fuma: You sound like you’re planning on enjoying this.

Gak: And finally… a voice recorder. I’d use it to record my final words. ‘I am dying’. At the very end, I’d sing my own requiem –

Fuma: Yourself? Are you planning suicide?

Gak: -and then when it’s found, it would be pretty dramatic.

Fuma: So even though you took water, which suggests the will to live, that isn’t really the case.

Keiya: I’d take some sort of light, a change of clothes, and one friend.

Fuma: Are you treating them like equipment?

Keiya: No, if I didn’t have a friend, I’d get really lonely and –

Gak: It’s for his mental health.

Keiya: Yeah, for emotional support.

Where would you like to go overseas?

Keiya: New York. I’ve been once before, but I didn’t really see all that much so I want to go again.

Gak: I want to go to Los Angeles. It’s metal. -makes metal sign-  For the rock.

Fuma: We’ve all decided on America. I’d go to Oregon Vortex, for many reasons.

Do you have a message for your foreign fans?

 Fuma: We’re active inside of Japan so you can only really hear us online on sites such as YouTube, but if you do get the chance to come to Japan, please don’t hesitate to come and see us live. We’d be really happy to see you. We can only give you our music through YouTube, but if you would listen to it all for us, if that’s all you can do, we would be really happy then as well.

Gak: We want our music as Purple Stone to start growing out there in the rest of the world so please, get our CDs and listen to them for us. Let’s spend a wonderful time together, even though we’re so far apart.

Keiya: In Purple Stone, our lyrics are also really important to us because Japanese has a lot of beautiful words, so if you could look at those lyrics in English, or translate them for us, I think it would be really fun. It’s difficult to do it but, if you really want to, don’t hesitate to translate them. Please.

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“ONE SHOT ONE KILL” date:4 Live Report

The fourth in one of KERBEROS ENTERTAINMENT’s currently running event concert series, “ONE SHOT ONE KILL” date:4 took place at OSAKA MUSE on September 17, presenting a variety of visual-kei bands that ranged from those of a colourful and sparkly nature to bands from the darker end of the emotional as well as aesthetic spectrum. Each of the seven performing bands put forth their best efforts to entertain their fans in attendance as well as potentially gain a few more followers from the other bands’ ranks.


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