BASH! Presents 4th Single Kusaregedo Release Tour!


All photos by Kerberos Oniisan! #ケルベロスお兄さん

Today was BASH!’s live in Nagoya Holiday NEXT!  

The doors swung open at 4pm, ready for a guest list of 7 bands, headed by Kerberos’ BASH! 

Kicking off the night was ARREST! Kerberos’ Oniisan caught them just before they started; the band to drive the crowds to excitement and set the tone for the rest of the night!

  ARREST #ケルベロスお兄さん
Second was グリザイユ (Gurizaiyu) playing in their hometown Nagoya!   グリザイユ #ケルベロスお兄さん
Third for the night was スゥイートxホォム (Sweet Home)! The new Kerberos band doing a live with all their sempai was a sight to see!  スゥイートxホォム #ケルベロスお兄さん
Fourth up – ENVIOUS! It’s been a while since they last played Nagoya!

 ENVIOUS #ケルベロスお兄さん
Then we were on the fifth band! UnRealistic! 

Recently they’ve been giving lives their all and have produced amazing things! UnRealistic #ケルベロスお兄さん
Sixth was 麗麗!(Rei Rei)

They have great chemistry and balance as a band!

 麗麗 #ケルベロスお兄さん

And, of course, last but not least, BASH!!

Build up the tension, bring down the roof! 

Congratulations on the release of your fourth single Kesaregedo! (*^^*)


A night to remember! 

BASH! Presents 4th single Kesaregedo Release Tour!




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