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Hollowgram Interview 2015/08/24




Ikebukuro Edge

Interviewer: Reira

We went to The Black Swan’s sponsored event “Killer x Killer Carnival vol.4” held at Ikebukuro Edge on 8th August 2015. The top batter was Femme Fatale, followed by Hollowgram and headed by the Black Swan. During preparations, Hollowgram kindly put aside time to take an interview with us!

– Today is the first time Hollowgram has had an interview with Kerberos International, so would you be able to give a short self-introduction?

Shinya: I’m Shinya, Hollowgram’s drummer.

Ryo: Hollowgram’s vocal, Ryo.

Kazuya: I’m Kazuya, the guitarist and manipulator.

Yumeji: I’m the right-hand guitarist, Yumeji!

Yuki: Hollogram’s bassist, Yuki.



Could you tell us about Hollowgram’s concept?

Kazuya: Well, the word ‘Hollowgram’ is about things that have no form. We give a reflection of those things.

Shinya: Yeah, we give them shape. We give them embodiment.

Ryo: Hollowgram is all about things that have no physical being. It’s about the feelings of the heart, humanity’s deepest emotions. We give form to life and death, or love itself. Anything that you can’t see with the naked eye, we try to give form to. It’s an incarnation of those things inside, so ‘Hollowgram’.

Yuki: I don’t really get it, but I like to play bass so…



It’s certainly a magical name! So what kind of themes often appear in Hollowgram’s songs?

Kazuya: We don’t have a set theme. The songs are usually made by three of us, so the theme is whatever we feel like at the time.

Ryo:  It’s really wide. We have intense, violent songs, and we also have the softer ballads. We’re trying to express what humanity is about to we try and get the audience to imagine all sides of the story during our performances.



What song would you like people to listen to?

Yumeji: Oh, definitely Albus!

Yuki: The easiest song for me, Rufus.



When you’re on stage, what do you want to try and convey with your performance?

Shinya: That drumming is my way of life. I want people to feel that. If people watch me, and I can hear lots of opinions, I think we can respond and grow as a band.

Ryo: I want to express what I feel in my heart. Of course, I also want to give a very stylish performance, and hope that people find our music stylish as well. If people think that about us, I am content.

Yumeji: I’m a bandman through and through, so I want to be seen as a performer, someone who lives for music. I want to be the kind of guitarist who displays his emotions through his music and I always want to be at lives, performing with style. I want to convey my entire consciousness.

Yuki: I want to perform not just as a band but as an individual. I want to give lots of energy without even thinking about it to make our music look smooth and easy.



– So how did the band Hollowgram start?

Ryo: Originally, I approached Yuki about making music for me so I could be a solo vocalist. But then as we progressed, we began to think that forming a band would be a really good idea, so we gathered together all the members of the current Hollowgram and made one.

Yuki: At first I was just helping Ryo make music, then we went out drinking and the talk turned to making a band to make music together. So it started off with me helping Ryo, I guess; and then built itself into Hollowgram.

Kazuya: I was talking to Yuki, and he mentioned that he was forming a band, and then we became the 5-member Hollowgram you see today.

Shinya: Yuki and Ryo told me about it.

Yumeji: Yuki just came to me and asked me what I thought about joining a band. And so I did.



– Today is the 3-man Live Concert with the Black Swan and Femme Fatale. When you first met these two bands, what kind of impression did they leave on you?

Kazuya: I thought that their music was pretty heavy and that Hollowgram was very different –laughs-

Shinya: I thought that both bands had very different music to Hollowgram, too. Also, both bands carry such a confidence that it left a real impression on me.

Ryo: We first met the Black Swan at a sponsored event, and they just came straight up to us and handed us their CDs. I remember thinking that their passion was really strong and that they were really straight-forward and straight-talking. I liked that. Femme Fatale, of course, know exactly who they are and what they’re doing.

Yumeji: Before I was in Hollowgram, I’d seen Kaya live, and then I ended up doing a session with him. At that time I thought about how much I wanted a band like Kaya so I was super excited when I was offered the chance to join Hollowgram. As for the Black Swan, we did a Tokyo-Osaka-Nagoya tour with them before, so we wanted to do it again. My first impression of them was that their Visual Kei style was very strong, especially with their make-up and the shouting in their songs.

Yuki: Intense…



– So let’s talk a little bit about yourselves. What’s something you’ve become interested in recently?

Kazuya: Darts! Way back when, I used to play darts every day but I’ve recently picked it back up again!

Shinya: Highballs and Fried Chicken!

Ryo: Oh… Recently I’ve been really busy so… I don’t think I’ve had time to think about it.

Yumeji: Home parties! My friends, and my music friends, our seniors and juniors, get together at my house, and we drink. It’s really good fun.

Yuki: Youtube videos. Not music or anything like that, just trivial kind of videos.



Where would you like to visit overseas?

Kazuya: I’d go to Finland, because I really want to see the Northern Lights. They’re beautiful.

Shinya: I’ve been to a lot of places, but I guess I’d go back to America. If it was for private travel, I’d go to New York to feel the atmosphere. But if it was with the band, I’d want to go to Europe, possibly France.

Ryo: I like Europe. I’ve been before and I really like the culture. But, saying that, I also like Asia. I’d travel anywhere really. But personally, I’d like to see the Unico Lakes.

Yumeji: I want to go to Bora Bora to see the ocean.

Yuki: I’ve been to Paris in France for a live before. But I’d like to go to Ireland because a lot of great musicians come from there.



– What does the word ‘music’ mean to you?

Kazuya: It’s the art of enjoying sound. It’s something I look forward to.

Shinya: In music, there are fun times and there are hard times, so I think music is very necessary to life itself.

Ryo:  In Japanese, ‘music’ is written with two kanji: ‘sound’ and ‘fun’, and that’s what I think it means to me. It’s all about the excitement and the enjoyment and those moments that make you go ‘waa!’ I love being able to feel the wide range of emotions that music brings.

Yumeji: For me it allows me to live the way I want. It gives me freedom, it gives me my own path. I guess you could call it ‘life work’. That’s how I feel about music.

Yuki: My view on music has changed as I’ve aged. In my first band, music was kind of binding, it was something I gave. But, now, it’s more of… a home-thing. It’s something personal to me.



Kerberos International is a site aimed towards overseas fans, so is there anything you would like to say to those fans?

Kazuya: I would really love it if they could come and see us perform one day!

Shinya: Even though our languages may be different, I think that music overcomes that barrier and provides a way for us to be able to exchange emotions and ideas. In Hollowgram, we also listen to foreign music, so I think there is a medium of exchange happening. And, to keep connecting with those fans, we will keep trying our best.

Ryo: I’m always so grateful for the messages I receive. I got a lot of messages for my birthday, and about my injured leg, and I was so thankful for the support they gave me.

Yumeji: Everyone has very different interpretations of music, so I think it’s great if they’re listening to us!

Yuki: Hollowgram is very different from a normal Visual Kei band. So, if you like new and different things, I would say that you should listen to us.



So what plans does Hollowgram have for the future?

Kazuya: We’re currently in the middle of making new music!

Yuki: I’m making some new music for a new CD.

Shinya: I guess it’s not fully decided yet though. We’re making songs because we’re thinking about releasing a new CD, possibly an album.

Ryo: In Hollowgram, we keep our own pace. We’re going to make songs, do our lives and if we can continue to grow and progress, then, once more, I am content.

Yumeji: We definitely work at a relaxed pace, making sure we get the timing right for our lives and performances. We’re going to continue on, but we don’t necessarily want to be tied down.



Vocalist: Ryo

Drums: Shinya

Bass: Yuki 攸紀

Guitarist and Manipulator: Kazuya 一也

Guitar: Yumeji 夢時

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The Black Swan Interview 08/24/2015


The Black Swan


Ikebukuro Edge

                       Interviewer: Reira

We went to The Black Swan’s sponsored event “Killer x Killer Carnival vol.4” held at Ikebukuro Edge on 8th August 2015. The top batter was Femme Fatale, followed by Hollowgram and headed by the Black Swan. At the end of the night, fans were treated to a preview of the full “Kagune” MV, due to be released on 8/26. We caught the Black Swan in between preparations to ask them a few questions!


– Since today is the first interview the Black Swan has had with Kerberos International, could you give a brief self-introduction?

Rena: I’m the Black Swan’s bassist, Rena.

Itsuki: I’m the Black Swan’s guitarist, Itsuki. I play on the right.

Len: Drummer, Len.

Makoto: I’m the Black Swan’s guitarist, Makoto.

Jin: The Black Swan’s vocal, Jin.



–  What’s the Black Swan’s concept?

Rena: We’ll leave this one to Jin.

Itsuki: Oh… I guess it’s… giving form to the things that aren’t around us… we’re very different. Jin might know more.

Makoto: Wait, I think it’s a very deep and violent expression of the intensity within every human being.

Jin: I guess this is the vocal’s domain. We show the hidden side of humanity, the side you can’t show in society. The White Swan is also a concept in Kagune that isn’t exactly a concept but more of a demonstration that belief is different for everyone and that we wanted to show the difference in humanity. It’s a difference in thinking, a dual-nature.



– I see! So it’s the hidden nature of humanity… In that case, what kind of themes often appear in the Black Swan’s songs?

Rena: Actually, every song has its own theme. All our songs are very different and not one is the same. The only constant theme would be that we like to use very real concepts, like in human nature and in society. But, again, when you hear them live, even then the themes change very subtly depending on the performance and emotions we put into them.

Itsuki: I think that the themes in our songs are very unlike most other bands you see.

Len: Every theme is very dark. We show the negative aspects of humanity.

Makoto: We follow the band and the ideas behind the band. It’s what gives us our image.

Jin: Again, it’s the hidden side of humanity, the parts you can’t show to the world.



– If you could choose one song, what song would you want people to listen to the most?

Len: Oh, our first single, ‘The Hopeless’. At that time, we all decided on the theme, whereas now usually Jin decides. So, for me, that song was like the glue that brought us all together. I want everyone to listen to it.

Makoto: ‘Ushinai’. I think it really shows the Black Swan for who we are.

Jin: I can’t choose one because it hasn’t been made yet. I think that the song that I’ll like the most is still within me somewhere and I’m excited for the day I’ll eventually be able to produce it.



– So alongside very dark concepts, the Black Swan have a very strong performance style. For example, during the intermission, Rena uses a talk box to build the tension. Why did you decide to use a talk box? What was the inspiration behind it?

Rena: Well, we’ve never seen anyone use a talk box like it before, so I wanted to try it out. And we like to do new and different things in the Black Swan.



What kind of performance do you aim to give every time you’re onstage? What feelings do you want to convey to the audience?

Rena: We’re mainly concerned with conveying what it truly is to be a Visual Kei band; so we have the make-up and stylized songs. We want to make the audience use all five senses during our performances and give them a new experience. Again, we like to do things that other people haven’t done.

Itsuki: I want to give original ideas. Like in Kagune, so please listen to it for us!

Len: I want to give a pretty fierce, masculine performance.

Makoto: For me, I want to fully display the band’s image and every emotion we feel throughout the performance. I also want the audience to be able to see our continuing growth and the progression we’re making with our songs.

Jin: Lives are a vision. They’re something you experience in their raw form. Everything is very much in the moment, so our performance always changes. Performances aren’t just about sound, they’re about everything and have a totally different approach from recording in the studio.



Today is the 3-Man Live Concert with Femme Fatale and Hollowgram. When you first met these bands, what impression did they give you?

Rena: Femme Fatale performed at our sponsored event for us before, and at that time I was struck by how strong Kaya’s vocal performance was. They also have this unique, hidden world view that is pretty impressive. And they’re cool. As for Hollowgram, we saw them last year and I thought that they had a really cool stage performance and that their music was amazing. In April, we did a 2-man tour together and thought that this time we wanted to play Tokyo together as well.

Itsuki: Oh, they’re so cool…

Len: Femme Fatale have a really amazing take on the world around them. Hollowgram…are somehow healing for me. As soon as they step on stage, I can’t help admiring them and thinking how great their songs are and it… it heals me. Yeah.

Makoto: I first met Kaya 3 or 4 years ago, and I was struck by how perfect his MC and performance was. Musically, he was important to me so when he made a band, I couldn’t help but be excited. As for Hollowgram, I really like Ryo’s previous band, and I can still recall most of their music to this day. I hadn’t ever met them, but I loved their songs and wanted to hear more. So when Hollowgram were formed, it had a huge effect on me; and I’m just really happy to have two bands that I love so much performing with us here today.

Jin: Iori from Femme Fatale is an acquaintance of mine, so I knew him from old but… when I saw them, it was Kaya’s power that struck me. The impression he left on me was amazing and I just couldn’t wait to see him again –laughs- Hollowgram have a very grown-up way of performing and writing songs. I really do like them as a band.



Could you briefly explain the concept of the release due out on 26th August, Kagune?

Rena: Kagune is our 3rd single as we move towards our first year together as a band, so we wanted to make a release that involved every member in some way. Like most Black Swan songs, Kagune also explores the idea of real, human emotion and what is expected of a person in society.  If we talk about the concept directly, although the title is directly involved in the songs, each song itself has a different take on the world and themes behind the release.

Itsuki: Kagune is a pretty intense, violent release. I think that if you listen to it, you’ll understand what it’s all about immediately. You can also clearly see our development as a band in Kagune  so I really want people to listen to it. The second song has a great atmosphere! I have a rare guitar solo in it, and the solo itself has this really pleasing simple, rock feel to it. So… please listen out for it! The third song is really easy to listen to, and I think it’s a great song! Listen to it for me! Actually, all of the songs are different, so it’s kind of exciting.

Len: The drums are really busy throughout, so it’s pretty tiring. –laughs- You’ll completely understand the songs if you read the lyrics as you listen to them. Oh, and please come to see it live, since I’m trying so hard on the drums –laughs-

Makoto: There are 3 songs on the release. The 1st is a Jin song, the 2nd is a Makoto – my – song, and the 3rd song is a Jin song again. They’re all very different, but pretty intense.

Jin: Actually, the theme comes from my favourite manga, Tokyo Ghoul. It’s kind of my feelings on the storyline. It’s not a direct report or anything, but I think the creator’s take on society is a very pertinent world view and I wanted to express the same ideas too.




So let’s talk more about yourselves. What’s something you’ve become interested in recently?

Rena: Recently I’ve got really into muscle training. I probably do it 2 times every week… or two… or so… at home. Whenever I’m not busy, really.

Itsuki: Going to hospital. –laughs- I kind of…strained my wrist (what’s ‘strain’ in English? Oh. Thank you). Yeah, I strained my wrist playing guitar too much!

Len: Muscle training… but I don’t do it with Rena. We do it separately at home. Oh, and I’m addicted to this baseball game on my phone.

Makoto: Acoustic guitar. It’s very different from electric guitar so I really enjoy listening to it. There’s something soothing about it.

Jin: The book, Kyodan X. I don’t read very often, but when I picked this book up, I didn’t leave my house for 3 days! –laughs- I’m sure that it’ll will be influence the songs I write like Tokyo Ghoul did!



Where would you like to go abroad?

Rena: I want to go to Germany and drink German beer.  Or Amsterdam for its atmosphere.

Itsuki: I would go anywhere famous, especially places well known for their rock music.

Len: I’ve never really thought about it… I guess, Europe? I like Japan so… I don’t know. Europe, probably. I’d try Europe.

Makoto: Italy. I’ve been there before and I really like the atmosphere of the little towns, so I’d like to go again.

Jin: If it’s for personal travel, I want to go to Egypt to see the pyramids. If it’s for a live, I would go anywhere.



What does the word ‘music’ mean to you?

Rena: It’s my life.

Itsuki: Oh… wow. I don’t really know myself… I guess it’s…the definition of me as a person? Yeah. I think that’s about right.

Len: Whoa. Deep question. –laughs- I guess… exactly how the kanji reads – ‘sound’ and ‘fun’. When you play music, you can lift your own feelings and there are rarely times where you feel down. I just really want to enjoy it.

Makoto: It’s difficult to express in just one word… I’ve done music a long time and it’s part of me. I want it to appear in every day of my life, and just do it a lot… I guess, yeah, music is my life.

Jin: It’s a way of expressing myself. Visual Kei isn’t really just something you look at, it’s the whole sound and the appearance and the performance aspect that is very important too. It’s an art-form.



KERBEROS  INTERNATIONAL is a site aimed at foreign fans. Is there anything you would like to say to those overseas fans?

Rena: In Visual Kei, there are hundreds of bands, some of them looking and sounding the same. Yet those fans chose to listen to us. Since we want to become a bigger and better band for them from here on out, I guess I’d just like to say I’m very thankful.

Itsuki: I really want to meet you all. I want to go everywhere and anywhere to see you, so please wait for me! But, if you have the chance, definitely come see us live in Japan! Actually, I really love foreign fans because they always get so into the music and seem to have so much fun, so I really want to do a live abroad!

Len: I’m very grateful to them. I would love them to come and see our music live. You won’t really understand what we are as a band if you don’t see us perform on stage and soak up that atmosphere. So, if you get the chance, please come and see us.

Makoto: I’m always astounded by the support we get through fan mail and twitter form overseas fans. Even if I can’t understand it, I’m always so thankful and really want to give something back.

Jin: We really want to go abroad and perform, so please wait for us! But if you have the chance, come and experience us in Japan too!



The Black Swan

Vocalist: Jin 儿

Bassist: Rena

Drummer: Len 煉

Guitarist: Makoto 誠

Guitarist: Itsuki 樹

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BASH! Presents 4th Single Kusaregedo Release Tour!


All photos by Kerberos Oniisan! #ケルベロスお兄さん

Today was BASH!’s live in Nagoya Holiday NEXT!  

The doors swung open at 4pm, ready for a guest list of 7 bands, headed by Kerberos’ BASH! 

Kicking off the night was ARREST! Kerberos’ Oniisan caught them just before they started; the band to drive the crowds to excitement and set the tone for the rest of the night!

  ARREST #ケルベロスお兄さん
Second was グリザイユ (Gurizaiyu) playing in their hometown Nagoya!   グリザイユ #ケルベロスお兄さん
Third for the night was スゥイートxホォム (Sweet Home)! The new Kerberos band doing a live with all their sempai was a sight to see!  スゥイートxホォム #ケルベロスお兄さん
Fourth up – ENVIOUS! It’s been a while since they last played Nagoya!

 ENVIOUS #ケルベロスお兄さん
Then we were on the fifth band! UnRealistic! 

Recently they’ve been giving lives their all and have produced amazing things! UnRealistic #ケルベロスお兄さん
Sixth was 麗麗!(Rei Rei)

They have great chemistry and balance as a band!

 麗麗 #ケルベロスお兄さん

And, of course, last but not least, BASH!!

Build up the tension, bring down the roof! 

Congratulations on the release of your fourth single Kesaregedo! (*^^*)


A night to remember! 

BASH! Presents 4th single Kesaregedo Release Tour!




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Sweet Home

Sweet Home


Third Generation Kerberos Band

Started activities on: 2015/08/04




Name:  Kasuri かすり

Position: Vocal

Birth Date : 9/18
Twitter : @SH_kasuri
FanMail : kasuri★ (Please change ★ to @ before sending! )

Name: Shilo シロ

Position: Guitar

Birth Date : 6/18
Twitter : @SH_shilo
FanMail : shilo★ (Please change ★ to @ before sending!)

Name: Akito

Position: Bass

Birth Date : 06/15
Twitter : @SH_akito
FanMail : akito★ (Please change ★ to @ before sending!)

Name: Yow 曄

Position: Drums

Birth Date : 07/08
Twitter : @SH_yow
FanMail : yow★ (Please change ★ to @ before sending!)



1st Single『新世紀』(Shinseiki)
Number: SWHO-002
Price: 500 JPY (tax-in)
Release Date: 2015/08/04
01.新世紀 (Shinseiki)

Videos and Music Clips

Sweet Home 1st Single FULL PV

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Second Generation Kerberos Band

Started activities on 2015/03/23




Name: Daina 大啼

Position: Vocal

Birth Date : 6/5
Cigarettes: No Smoking
Likes : Thinking
Twitter : @envious_daina

Name: Kagi 鉤

Position: Guitar


Birth Date : 6/2
Cigarettes: No smoking
Likes : Chrome Hearts
Twitter : @envious_kagi

Name: Joka 絮卡

Position: Guitar

Birth Date : 11/22
Cigarettes: LUCKY STRIKE 11mg Soft
Likes: CHROME HEARTS、Justin Davis、DEAL DESIGN、Dior、Perfume、Coffee
Twitter : @envious_joka

Name: PeRo.

Position: Bass

BLOOD TYPE : Chocolate
Birth Date : 04/05
Cigarettes : –
Twitter : @envious_pero

Name: Masashi 将司

Position: Drums

Birth Date : 02/22
Cigarettes : –
Likes : Roen



Mrs.『』/ブリキの心 (Buriki no Kokoro)
Number: ENCD-001
Price: ¥1,080(tax-in)
Release Date: 2015/03/23
01.ブリキの心 (Buriki no Kokoro)

Videos and Music Clips

The Start of Envious

1st Single Mrs. Music Clip

1st Single Buriki no Kokoro Music Clip


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First Generation Kerberos Band

Started activities on 2013/07/29




Name: Hyo 豹

Position: Vocal

Birth Date : 3/6
Cigarette : KOOL ACE BOX
Likes: JustinDavis / adidas / Persimmon / Energy Drinks
Twitter : @hyogala
FanMail :

Name: Yuga 友我

Position: Guitar

Birth Date : 4/16
Cigarette: –
Likes : Ramen /Cola /Redbull
Twitter : @yuga0416
FanMail :

Name: Nao

Position: Bass

Birth Date : 1/20
Cigarette : Peace20
Likes : Cigarettes, Chocolate balls、Delicious Sweets, Delicious Alcohol
Twitter : @na0ist
FanMail :

Name: Yu 優

Position: Drums

Birth Date : 12/28
Cigarette : –
Likes : Cassette Tapes, Yakitori Chicken, Hanimaru-kun, Records
Twitter : @ShellmyDryuu
FanMail :



5th single「サブリミナルカルトヰズム」(Subliminal Cult Rhythm)
Number: SHLMY-008
Price: ¥1,575 (tax-in)
Release Date: 2014/12/24
(Funare na Bokura no, Abnormal Death)
(The Abnormal Death of our Inexperienced Selves)
 01.カメリア (Kameria)
02.下等ザクロ (Katou Sakuro)
03.オトナの事情 (Otona no Jijou)

Shellmy’s 5th release in the 1 and a half years since their birth
5th single「サブリミナルカルトヰズム」(Subliminal Cult Rhythm)

Featuring the song “Kameria” made with former-member Anji and the live songs “Katou Sakuro” and “Otona no Jijou”
This time the keyword is “sub-culture”
Let the lyrics show you a world without normality



4th single「デパス」(Depasu)
Number: SHLMY-006
Price: ¥1,000 (tax-in)
Release Date: 2014/05/28
(Raku ni Naru Tame no, Roku Jou na no desu)
(For comfort, the 6 locks)
01.デパス (Depasu)
02.愛染駅 (Aizen-eki)

The sudden release of both 3rd&4th singles!

The new concept “Miserably, torn up and proud” appears in both releases.
“Depasu” shows the “Misery” that is so characteristic of Shellmy.


3rd single「A型ガールフレンド」(A-kata Girlfriend)
Number: SHLMY-005
Price: ¥1,000 (tax-in)
Release Date: 2014/05/28
(Yume no Kigeki to Ao no Higeki)
(The Comedy of Dreams and the Tragedy of the Colour Blue)
02.A型ガールフレンド (A-kata Girlfriend)

The sudden release of both 3rd&4th singles!
The new concept “Miserably, torn up and proud” appears in both releases.

“A-kata Girlfriend” imagines the silence of loneliness.


Limited Live Release Single「ラストスノウ」(Last Snow)
Number: SHLMY-004
Price: ¥500 (tax-in)
Release Date: 2014/02/14
(Kimi no Sei. Nihashitakunakatta)
(It’s your fault. I didn’t want to)
1.ラストスノウ (Last Snow)

2nd Single「人間失格」(Ningen Shikkaku)
Number: SHLMY-003
Price:¥1,575 (tax-in)
Release Date: 2013.12.04
(Nan-nen Ikitemo Narenai Sekai Dakara.)
(Because no matter how long you live, you’ll never get used to this world)
1.エゴイストサイレンス (Egoist Sirens)
2.匿名希望 (Tokumei Kibou)
3.人間失格 (Ningen Shikkaku)
With the restart of Shellmy at the end of July, there was the announcement of a second, nation-wide release.
But, with the typical Shellmy approach of giving their all until the very end, every song carries the concept “Cynical Chemical Rock”.

1st Single「Maverick.exe」
Number: SHLMY-001
Price: ¥1,575 (tax-in)
Release Date: 2013/07/29
(Zokusanai Nokosareta Bokura, Kidou)
(Independently, those of us left behind, restart)
01.アリスインマゼントピア (Alice in Mazentopia)
02.108号室 (108 goushitsu)
03.ディストピア (Dystopia)

Free Release「haqlia」
Number: SHLMY-002
Price: ¥0
Release Date: 2013/07/29
(Hagareta Soko wa Tada, Toumei de Boku wa Inakatta)


1st Mini Album「伍月病」(Go-gatsu Byou)
Number: SHLMY-009
Price: ¥2100(Without tax)
Release Date: 2015/05/27
(Go-gatsu ni Saku Yamai to Hareta Sora)
(The sickness of May and the Clear Skies)
02.ヒョウシリュウヒ。 (Hyoushiryuushi)
03.脱出ゲーム (Dasshutsu Game)
04.甘い目眩、煢然に僕は依然、(Amai Memai, Keizen ni Boku wa Izen)
05.伍月病 (Go-gatsu Byou)
06.センチメンタル耽溺ナンバー (Sentimental Tandeki Number)
07.キレイゴト (Kireigoto)

Videos and Music Clips

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First Generation Kerberos Band

Started activities on 2014/01/17




Name: Ayumu 歩

Position: Vocal

Birth Date : 4/5
Cigarettes: NO SMOKING
BRAND : Louis Vuitton
Twitter : @BASH_AYUMU

Name: Taiga

Position: Guitar


Birth Date : 3/10
Cigarettes : KOOL BOOST 08MG
BRAND : Royal Order
Twitter : @BASH_TAIGA

Name: Ten てん

Position: Bass

Birth Date : 12/28
Cigarettes : no smoking
PERFUME : Doesn’t use it
Twitter : @BASH_TEN

Name:Taku 拓

Position: Drums

Birth Date : 4/22
Cigarettes: LARK SUPER LIGHTS 100’s
PERFUME : Nikos Sculpture Homme Eau de Toilette
BRAND : DIESEL、Vivienne Westwood
Twitter : @BASH_TAKU





4th Single / クサレゲドウ TYPE B  (Kusaregedo)
Number: BASH-004B
Price: 1,620 JPY (with tax )
Release Date: 2015/07/29
1.クサレゲドウ (Kusaregedo)
3.君の居場所 (Kimi no Ibasho)

4th Single / クサレゲドウ TYPE A (Kusaregedo)
Number: BASH-004A
Price: 1,944 JPY (With tax)
Release Date: 2015/07/29
1.クサレゲドウ (Kusaregedo)
DVD-クサレゲドウMV (DVD Kusaregedo MV)

3rd Single / 不埒華 (Furachi Hana)
Number: BASH-003
Price: 1,350 JPY (With tax)
Release Date: 2015/01/07
01. 不埒華 (Furachi Hana)
02. 禁断トリガー (Kindan Trigger)

2nd Single / LIV
Number: BASH-002
Price: 1,350 JPY (With tax)
Release Date: 2014/10/01
01. LIV -SE-
03.1st berry

1st Single / START
Number: BASH-001
Price: 1,620 JPY (With tax)
Release Date: 2014/07/30
 02.未来列車 (Mirai Reisha)

Videos and Music Clips

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First Generation Kerberos Band

Started activities on 07/22/2013

Became Independant on: 8/23




FoLLoW offer fresh new music and lives with the tagline NEW SENSE, NEW LIVE. Their weapons of choice are catchy, upbeat tunes that are easy to listen to and a performance style that anyone can watch and enjoy.


Name: Masashi

Position: Vocal

Birthday : 12/1
Likes : Sweet things、DIESEL、Anime/Films
Mail :
Blog : Don’t think. Feel.
Twitter : Link




Name: Misono ミソノ

Position: Guitar

Birthday : 2/20
Likes : Ramen、Royal Order
Mail :
Blog : ミソノスカイウォーカー~抹茶と共にあれ~
Twitter : Link


Name: Junsei 潤正

Position: Guitar

Birthday : 10/1
Likes: Omelette・AMERICAN RAGCIE・Snoopy・Films
Mail :
Blog : 潤正さんの事件簿



Name: Nariyuki

Position: Bass

Birthday : 10/20
Likes : Alcohol、Cigarettes、Chrome Hearts、Hot Springs
Mail :
Blog : 酔わすなら飲ませてみせようバーボンを
Twitter : Link


Name: Maki 真輝

Position: Drums

Birthday : 2/2
Likes : Anime、Manga、Sports、Fashion、etc.
Mail :
Blog : Fantasy to over



5th Single

Artist: FoLLoW
Release Date: 8/26/2015
Sales Agency: FoLLoW
Sales Agency:ONG
Product Numbeer: FLCD-0005
Price (Without tax/With tax)¥1,000/¥1,080
Form: CDM


02. アカシックレコード (Akashikku Reko-do)

■ZEAL LINK・・・FoLLoW Home Town!Places to visit in Osaka!Part Two!DVD
■自主盤倶楽部 (Jishuban Club)・・・Artist Photo (Collective)
■little HEARTS.・・・Artist Photo (Collective)
■ライカエジソン (Like an Edison)・・・Artist Photo (Collective)

妖幻鏡 -west- Vol.2 ~大阪・名古屋連合~

Omnibus Osaka-Nagoya Collaboration

Artist: Omnibus
Release date: 8/5/2015

Seller :PLUG RECORS west

Selling Agency:Daiki Sound Co.,Ltd.
Product Number: PRWC-13
Price (Without tax/With tax)¥3,000/¥3,240
Form: CDM

※FoLLoW’s song is number 7: “Pinocchio”

Music Clip



4th Single

Artist: FoLLoW
Release Date: 4/29/2015
Seller: FoLLoW
Sales Agency:ONG
Product Number: FLCD-0004
Price (Without tax/With tax)¥1,500/¥1,620

01. アッパーカット!! (Uppercut!!)
02.Alice In Wonderland
03.Let it go

ZEAL LINK Original Bonus
FoLLoW Home Town! Places to visit in Osaka DVD

Music Clip

Don’t Stop Music

3rd Single

Artist: FoLLoW
Release date: 12/24/2014
Seller: FoLLoW
Price (Without tax/With tax)¥1,500/¥1,620


01.Don’t Stop Music

02.祭りの後 (Matsuri no Ato)

※Please check for bonuses in each shop

Music Clip


2nd Single

Artist: FoLLoW
Release Date: 05/28/2014
Label: FoLLoW
Number: FLCD-002
JAN Code:458025513333-4

02.ドラマチック (Dramatic)
03.Dancing Venus!!(ReTake ver.)

Nation-wide CD shops

[Shop Bonuses]
Comment DVD+Signed artist photo(Collective)

■Brand X
Artist card (Collective)

■Jishuban Club
Artist Photo Set(3 Individual・ 1 Collective)

■Like an Edison
Artist Photo (Collective)

Recording OFF-SHOT DVD& Maruhi Game Photo

Music Clip


1st Single

Artist: FoLLoW
Release Date: 11/27/2013
Label: FoLLoW

Number: FLCD-0001



Like an Edison
FoLLoW Webshop
Goods Table

Dancing Venus!!


Artist: FoLLoW
Label: FoLLoW
Number: FLW-002

01.Dancing Venus!!


For you…


Artist: FoLLoW
Release Date: 06/01/2013
Label: FoLLoW
Number: FLW-001

01.For you…


Videos and Music Clips

Official Youtube Channel

FoLLoW’s TV 1

FoLLoW’s TV 2

FoLLoW’s TV 3

FoLLoW’s TV 4

FoLLoW’s TV 5

FoLLoW’s TV 6 Concert Furitsuke Demonstration!

FoLLoW’s TV New Year Edition + Snow Again Music Clip

FoLLoW’s TV 7

FoLLoW’s TV Sponsored Tour Announcement

Masako-chan sings Dancing Venus!

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